The Best Climbing Gyms in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a huge city with plenty of things to do, including climbing. If you’re looking for the best climbing gyms in the area, look no further! This blog post will list some of the best options so you can get started on your climbing journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, there’s a gym for you in this list. So what are you waiting for? Start checking out these gyms and see which one is right for you!

The Stronghold Climbing Gym

If your idea of a great time involves dangling from the ceiling and working up a sweat on the wall, then The Stronghold Climbing Gym in Los Angeles is where you want to be! Located in Echo Park, this massive structure stands tall with nine thousand square feet for all your indoor climbing needs. What began as an idea amongst friends blossomed into one of the premier indoor climbing experiences you can find in Los Angeles.

Now with over 50 top rope stations, dozens of bouldering areas, and a whole host of fitness and yoga classes geared towards climbers, The Stronghold is the perfect place to satisfy any climber’s urge to explore. And that’s not all! On top of their feature-filled facility they also have some pretty cool special events like monthly parties and film screenings that are the perfect way to get acquainted with new friends or just enjoy a night out.

Classes offered:

  • Bouldering 101 – Free for members, $30 for non-members – In this introductory class, you’ll learn the basics of bouldering from a professional instructor. This includes lessons on proper movement technique and falling correctly.
  • Intro to Rope Climbing – Free for members, $39 non-members – Looking to get started with rope climbing? Enroll in our Intro to Rope Climbing class! You’ll learn basic skills like tying a figure-eight knot, belaying, and lowering your climber.
  • Intro to Technique – Free for members, $49 non-members – Technique Intro is the logical progression for anyone who has completed our bouldering and belaying classes. After this class, you will know about various holds, have a deeper understanding of technique fundamentals, be familiar with injury prevention strategies, how to determine the best fitting climbing shoe for your foot ,and how to use it most effectively.

So come join the fun at The Stronghold Climbing Gym and see what L.A.’s rock climbing stars are enjoying!

Sender One Climbing & Sender City

The three co-founders, Alice Kao, Wes Shih, and Chu began indoor rock climbing in 2011 at a gym near them in LA. They all used this activity as an opportunity to explore themselves more and create community bonds with others who were going through similar things in their lives.

When the founders decided to start Sender One Climbing Gym, they realized that they had found commonality between each other: everyone just wants to use climbing as means for positive self growth and socialization. Sender One’s main purpose is to have as many people come and visit their wall climber’s paradise. The beauty of the walls attract visitors, but they are quickly enthralled by the community atmosphere and what they learn about themselves through wall climbing.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles is none other than The Sender One Climbing & Sender City. With its walls covered with bright neon designs and pathways tucked behind each corner of the building, it boasts an unmistakable combination of aesthetics and modernity. Founded in 2016 by avid climbers, this gym offers classes in everything one can climb.

From bouldering to sport climbing and even yoga sessions, there’s a bit of something for everyone to enjoy! And while they offer newbies a chance to get their feet wet (or their hands sticky), the experts can step up their game on routes of increasing difficulty. So grab your harness, chalk up your hands, and head over to Sender One Climbing & Sender City – you won’t regret it!

Rockreation Los Angeles Sport

If you’re ever looking for a place to get your rocks on, The Rockreation Los Angeles Sport in Los Angeles is the perfect place. It’s set up in an enormous warehouse that’s jam-packed with hundreds of climbing walls and routes – you won’t know what hit you! The highlight of this unbelievable gym is that it caters to climbers of any (and every) skill level.

If you’re just starting out, their knowledgeable instructors will have you conquering walls with ease in no time. Founded back in 2012, Rockreation has since become one of the most beloved climbing gyms in the city, offering memberships, classes and more! Whether you want to join a class or practice solo, make sure to turn into this awesome spot – they will bring out your inner mountain goat in no time!

LA Boulders

Climbing fans in the Los Angeles area have a new reason to celebrate- The LA Boulders! LA Boulders is your one-stop shop for all things bouldering. We have award-winning routesetting, 17ft high walls, comprehensive fitness offerings, and an amazing community that will make you feel right at home.

This climbing gym is conveniently located in the hustling and bustling city, giving locals and visitors plenty of opportunity to get their fix. Established back in 2017, this exciting new spot has been gaining tons of attention and inspiring climbers with its top-notch routes. Not only can you find yourself tackling walls reaching up to 20 feet high here, but if you’re looking for something even more extreme then there’s also an option to take your skills to the outdoor pro section with special holds.

Plus, they offer a range of classes that help climbers expand their skillset and explore the world of rock climbing – from beginner courses like Get on the Wall all the way up to advanced technique coaches, something’s sure to be perfect for everyone!

Hollywood Boulders

Hollywood Boulders in Los Angeles is a climber’s paradise. Located in the heart of Hollywood, you will easily find your way to this renowned gym. The climbing walls are built at optimal angles for various skill levels and always offer a challenge for climbing enthusiasts of any age.

Founded in 2013, the gym has continually evolved over the years with plenty of unique bouldering lines that inspire beginners and experts alike. Don’t want to climb alone? Then try their signature classes where you can learn climbs from experienced instructors and get help while meeting great people along the way.

We combine Touchstone’s history and commitment to the climbing community with state-of-the-art flooring and wall design to bring you the best that the industry has to offer. Top that with a comprehensive selection of fitness classes taught by supportive instructors ready to help you take your performance to the next level, and you’ve got your new home away from home.


What are the different types of climbing?

The 4 main types of climbing are bouldering, top roping, lead climbing, and sport climbing. Bouldering is typically done on a short wall or boulder and involves the climber attempting to complete difficult routes without using ropes or harnesses. Top roping requires two climbers – one belaying from the bottom and one securing a rope from above. Lead climbing and sport climbing are similar in that they involve the climber using a rope but they both require different techniques to ascend a wall.

What are the best climbing gyms in Los Angeles?

This very much depends on your style of climbing and level of ability. Different gyms will offer different types of routes and different classes for their members.

What should I wear for rock climbing?

When you go rock climbing it’s important to wear comfortable, flexible clothes such as shorts/pants, t-shirt or tank top, and athletic shoes. You will also want to bring a water bottle and chalk bag to ensure that you stay hydrated and have the proper grip on the wall. If you are bouldering, it’s recommended to wear a crash pad for safety reasons. Additionally, consider wearing a helmet if your gym requires it or if you’re climbing outdoors.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that typically takes place on short walls or boulders, and does not require ropes or harnesses. It focuses more on body strength and technique, rather than endurance. Bouldering has been gaining popularity over the years due to its accessibility and low cost for entry-level climbers. The goal is to complete challenging routes on the wall and get to the top. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and push your limits!

Can you do bouldering outside?

Yes, you can absolutely go bouldering outside! However, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and stay safe. Make sure that you have a spotter with you at all times in case of any falls, check the condition of the rock before attempting a route, and always wear a helmet for added protection.

Additionally, make sure to check the local regulations and any potential closures for certain areas before you head out. With proper preparation, bouldering outside can be a fun and rewarding experience!

What is free-soloing climbing?

Free-soloing is an extreme form of rock climbing that involves the climber ascending a route without any rope or harness. It’s considered to be one of the most dangerous forms of climbing and should only be attempted by experienced climbers with a very high level of skill and knowledge.

Free-solos are typically done on shorter routes, but can be done on longer routes as well. It’s important to always practice safety precautions, such as checking the condition of the rock before attempting a route and having someone at the bottom in case

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