The Best Climbing Gyms in New Jersey

New Jersey is known for its beautiful views and outdoor climbing opportunities, but the state also boasts some of the best indoor climbing gyms in the nation. From bouldering to top-roping, there’s an indoor gym for every kind of climber. Here are some of the best climbing gyms in New Jersey:

New Jersey Rock Gym

For over 25 years, New Jersey’s premier rock climbing facility has been NJ Rock Gym. Their cutting-edge gym offers a wide range of activities with something for everyone: from leading & top rope walls to bouldering islands and caves, auto belays and more – all complemented by their entire fitness area!

Whether you’re a first-time climber or an experienced veteran, NJ Gym has the facilities to help you progress as a climber.

The facility offers over 12,000 square feet of climbing walls, including vertical and overhanging terrain. They also have a giant lead roof with routes suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts.

On top of that, their spectacular freestanding bouldering island has intricate features sure to challenge climbers!

Plus, they offer an expansive cave featuring contoured padded ramps and automated belays so you can train on your own or in groups. Lastly, remember that the fitness area is equipped with cardio & strength training equipment!


Ready to climb? Climb with them today and enjoy the following discounts!

Day Passes:

Adult: $20.00 | Youth (17 or younger): $17.00 | Belay Only: $5.00* (*Gear is an additional charge on day passes)

Climbing Gear Rental Per Visit: Shoes – $5.00, Harness -$4.00, Chalk Bag -$2.00 or Full Set for only $800.

10-Visit Climbing Punch Passes (expires in 1 year): Adult/$17000; Adult + Gear/$20000; Youth/$14450; Student + Gear/ 17000*. (*Punch passes are non-transferable and meant for one person’s use only.)

Invest in an NJRG Annual Climbing Membership today and start enjoying the perks of being a member. For adults, it’s only $70/month, while youth memberships are just $60/month. If you have family members interested, they’ll pay even less at just $55 for additional household climbers!

Plus, check with your health insurance policy, as some provide reimbursement benefits when paying for gym activities like these.

For those who want to pay upfront instead of month-by-month: 1 Month Adult Memberships cost only $85; 3 Months Adult is priced at $225; 1 Year Adult membership is discounted down to an astounding rate of just$760 – That’s over 40% off our monthly rates! Youth payments scale similarly, so inquire about the details if that interests you.

And here’s one more thing: returning guests receive One Guest Pass per Month included in their membership fee, while Brand New visitors get Unlimited Guest Passes during theirs—all free!

But remember – youth must be 17 or younger unless otherwise specified.* Send us an email now for more information on how to join this fantastic deal right away!!

Rockville Climbing Center Inc

Ready to try something new and exhilarating? Rockville Climbing Center is here for you! Their indoor rock climbing facility in central New Jersey offers the public a safe, fun environment to explore the sport of rock climbing. With 19 auto-belays, it’s now simpler than ever before! Plus, they’ve got great spaces suitable for birthday parties or other special events.


The auto-belay system is the perfect answer for those looking for a simple way to begin rock climbing! This calibrated apparatus ensures absolute security for children and adults alike who are coming in unaccompanied.

The Just Climb package offers excellent value, too – with kids (12 and under) receiving the pass, Harness, plus shoes, all included at just $30. Adults over 13 can also take advantage of the bundle deal at only $32 per person.

Intro to Belaying

Ready to take the next step in your climbing career? Their Introduction to Belaying package is just what you need. From Monday through Friday, it includes a day pass for climbing, an instructional belay lesson, equipment rental and a second-day return pass with gear – all for $70 (an 89 value)!

So whether you’ve already completed the Just Climb Package or are looking to dip into something new, this package has everything covered! Be sure you meet one requirement that requires participants aged fourteen years or older.

Classes With Chris Picard

Their newest team member, Chris Picard, proudly presents the Intro to Technique Class. This comprehensive training will show climbers how to properly place their feet, find balance and shift weight for efficient body positioning, and teach various advanced techniques.

Every month on Tuesday nights from 6:30–8:30 pm, two consecutive classes are available with only six spots open per session!

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity today by signing up at $125/session (minimum age 16). Hurry now before all spaces get filled!

If you’re looking to take your climbing skills to the next level and break into 5.11, Chris Picard’s latest class should be at the top of your list! It dives more profound than his intro course – but make sure you can climb 5.10 in Rockville before registering!

You’ll pick up invaluable tips on how to build stamina, read routes more effectively, practice better footwork techniques and perfect a smooth rhythm when conquering any wall.

Reserve your spot now, as this one-session course fills up quickly – with a maximum of 6 attendees! The session will occur on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. For just $75 paid in full at registration, you’ll get access to a quality education experience for anyone aged 16 and above!

The Gravity Vault Hoboken

At the Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms, they endeavour to offer a warm and inviting atmosphere for people of all ages and experience levels to enjoy rock climbing. From memberships or day passes that suit beginners to private sessions and group classes suited for experienced climbers- there’s an option here that is perfect for you!

Their facilities boast an impressive 14,000+ Square Feet of Climbing across 40+ Foot Walls And 45-60 Top Rope Stations. There are also exciting features such as Arêtes, Arches, Key Holes, Chimneys, Cracks and Overhangs to keep you on your toes!

In addition to excellent climbing opportunities, they have lounge areas with pro shops for avid climbers; if that’s not enough, how about some cardiovascular or strength training in their dedicated area?

Last but certainly not least, why not get together with friends & family by renting one of the private party rooms?

History of The Gravity Vault

Since 2005, The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms have been an integral part of our communities. Founded by Lucas Kovalcik and Tim Walsh, the first gym was launched in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey – with a mission to offer memberships, private climbing sessions, birthday parties, camps, competitions teams and more.

After perfecting their program for four years, they opened another location in Chatham! Each year, their loyal guests can enjoy more activities, such as belay classes, to keep them on top of rock climbing trends.

In 2013, they took a full stride towards bringing rock climbing to local communities worldwide through The Gravity Vault Indoor Rock Gyms. The first franchisee-owned and operated facility opened in Middletown, New Jersey, that same year and with it came the realization of their mission: To bring the sport of rock climbing closer to home for more people.

Since then, they have been striving to open facilities all over Eastern states so that more avid climbers can experience their unique Brand of thrill in their backyard.


High Exposure to Rock Climbing

High Exposure is an extreme sports facility that will offer your friends and family a thrilling experience! Their 26,000 square ft. arena features obstacles such as the 38-foot toilet seat or the daring ‘plank to abyss’ jump!

Ninjas can also explore our warped walls, salmon ladders, vaults, swings and ropes, while experienced athletes or first-time warriors alike can find something enjoyable in this action-packed zone. Their programs give your child the confidence to excel and build long-lasting memories!

They are conveniently located near Bergen and Rockland counties, just a short 20 minutes away from Westchester County or Manhattan — with plenty of free parking available.


If you want to climb their walls without staff belay and assistance, Learning to Belay is the first step! Their $45 class will teach you the knots, skills, and equipment needed for top-rope climbing walls or bouldering terrain. If two people are learning together, it’s only an additional $15 per person; High Exposure members get in completely free!

This fee includes gear rental, a day pass, and trainer access—ages 13+ welcome.

You are introducing a 1-hour course on gym induction, harness fitting, Belay (PLUS) instruction, figure 8 knot practice, mock belay assessment, spotting and auto-belay usage.

Note that this class does not automatically certify you to use the facility – for certification purposes, attend their Belaying Certifying Classes held every Tuesday from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm during the second and last week of each month. Book your spot today!

Step up your climbing game with private coaching sessions from experienced athletes and professionals. Learn all the techniques you need to excel in Belay, Bouldering, Top Rope or Lead Climbing for only $85/hour ($50 per half-hour) or get a discount when you purchase ten sessions at $765! Contact them today via or call 201-768-8600

Make sure to take advantage of our Late Night Pass too – on Mondays through Fridays, 8–10 pm, enjoy discounted rates (bring your Harness)!

Bouldering and Top Rope

Immerse yourself in a world of climbing with our Intro to Bouldering class, where you’ll discover all the essential fundamentals of bouldering and safety. The one-hour session will cover footwork, movement techniques, and grades so that you’re fully prepared before hitting the wall!

Plus, by signing up today at only $45 for non-members (and accessible if you’re already part of our community), it’s an offer too good to pass up. Hurry now – space is limited, with registration restricted to 4 participants ages 12+.

You can reserve your spot on the first Tuesday evening of each month starting at 7 pm sharp by calling 201-768 -8600.

Climbing Basics

If you’re looking to construct the foundation of your climbing prowess or break through a stalemate in your training progress – our Foundations of Climbing class is tailored for you!

Whether you are just starting out as an amateur climber and need help honing technique or already have experience up to 5.10/V5 level, our program will help enhance strength, create fluidity between boulder/top-rope climbs and ultimately unlock your potential. Payment must be made in full at registration time.

Ready to reach the next level of your climbing journey? Join them every Wednesday from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm for a training session that is perfect for beginner-level climbers up to 5.10 and V5! Reserve your spot by calling 201-768-8600 today; members pay only $20 per session, while non-members are charged just $25.

Sports Lead

This course is intended for the more experienced climber and necessitates participation in an introductory class on bouldering and top roping at High Exposure or another trustworthy climbing gym.

To take part, participants must demonstrate that they can climb a 5.9b grade or higher while using a top rope and be familiar with how to belay, take up the slack from their partner’s harnesses and tie a figure-eight knot securely.

This two-hour class is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of lead climbing, including proper clipping and quickdraws.

They will also concentrate on efficient belaying techniques and energy conservation while leading and developing comfort with taking falls. Moreover, they’ll explain how to assess risk and reduce the chances of incurring an injury.

If you sign up for this course, chances are high that you’ll pass their Lead Climbing proficiency test! Depending on your coach’s discretion, a certification may also be forthcoming.

For only $55 (members) or $65 (non-members), join them on the Second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm with 4 other like-minded individuals aged 12+.

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